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How to Consign with us

To consign items you must first sign a Consignment Agreement.  These contracts are available at the store, and you can view an Agreement by double clicking here:  

When Can I bring items in ?

You must schedule an Appointment to bring items in to consign.   Call the appointment line at 502-426-6895 Monday through Friday between 10:00 and 4:30 to schedule an appointment.

How do you decide what to accept ?

We choose items based on the quality, condition, age and other similar factors.   We'll only accept clothing that is in season, clean, in style, wrinkle-free, no smoke odors, not more than a few years old, not worn-out looking, no rips or tears, stains or blemishes, etc.  


We also give high preference to better labels (see examples below).


In addition, we consider the demand for the particular item.  For example, if tops are a selling well, and suits are in less demand, we'll most likely accept more tops and fewer suits.  


Another factor is the size of our inventory.   If we have ample number of jeans in stock for example, but low inventory of skirts, we'll slow down with accepting jeans and look to increase our inventory of nice skirts. 

Please be patient and understanding if we have to turn down some of your items.   Our space is limited and we are very selective in order to satisfy our customers.    We'll try to briefly explain our decisions if you ask.  

How do I bring items in ?

We require that clothing be brought in on hangers.  Otherwise it complicates things for us, making it more difficult and time consuming to effectively inspect your items.  Thank you for understanding and helping us with this. 

What types of items do you sell?

  • WOMEN'S REGULAR SIZE FASHIONS:  All styles.  However we do not accept prom, wedding, or bridesmaid dresses. 

  • WOMEN'S PLUS SIZE FASHION: All styles.  However we do not accept prom, wedding or bridesmaid dresses. 

  • MEN'S FASHIONS:  We do not accept slacks, suits, or blazers, but other casual  items such as shirts, jackets, sportswear, etc.  sell well.  We also accept shoes, belts, ties, watches, hats, jewelry, watches, etc. that are in style and excellent condition.

  • ACCESSORIES:  We accept clean,  like-new purses and wallets, better jewelry, watches, unused cosmetics and perfumes,sun glasses, belts, scarves, men's jewelry, cologne, sunglasses, etc.

  • SHOES:  Women's and men's shoes must be in nearly new condition.  Very small and very large sizes are of limited appeal so may restrict the number accepted.

  • HOUSEHOLD:  We accept accessories, art, small furniture, lamps, and other items of general appeal.  Items should generally have an original price of approximately $20 or more.   We usually won't accept items that we can't sell for at least $10.

  • BOOKS:   We are VERY SELECTIVE books, and accept very few.  The few we accept are typically current hard-cover best sellers in like-new condition                            

Preferred Brands

Non-Preferred Brands

  • Chicos, Coldwater Creek

  • Talbots, White/Black

  • Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren

  • Ellen Tracy, Limited, Express

  • Christine Alexander, Joseph A.

  • Alberto Makali

  • JEANS:  Seven for Mankind, Joe's, etc.

  • And other similar brands

  • Old Navy

  • Sonoma

  • Covington

  • Sag Horbor

  • Apartment 9

  • Levi's

  • Lee

  • George

  • And other similar brands

The label itself must be clean and stain-free

How much do you pay me for sold items?

We only accept items on consignment, we don't buy items.  If your item sells you typically will receive 45% of the sell price, or 60% if the sale price is over $100, less fees.   Please review the contract for specific payment details (see link above).   We normally pay only once a month, and you must come in to the store during normal business hours to receive a cash or check payment.

How do you price the items ?

 We determine the price based upon our more than 20 years of re-sell experience.    Normally the price will be about 25% to 40% of the original retail value but this may vary up or down based upon our judgement.   Unless its a very high price item (for example a mink coat or a top-label purse) we can't tell you the price at the time you bring the item in.  If you are interested, we suggest you browse through our store to get a feel for how items are priced.


Items that we accept that don't sell quickly will be reduced periodically at our discretion.


We work hard to keep high quality and fresh inventory, to get a fair price for the consignor, and to offer attractive prices for our buyers.

What if my item doesn't sell ?

Unsold Fall/Winter items must be picked up within 60 days , but no later than February 10th for unsold Winter items or August 10  for unsold Summer items.   If you come in prior to the 60 day period, we will give you a descriptive list of items of items you brought in, and items that sold.  It will be your responsibility to locate your items from the racks.  Our sales staff will assist if time allows.   Items not picked up by these dates become the property of SugarBaker's and may be donated to a charity of our choice.  

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